What do you need to DO to become who you want to BE?

Deckstr is a human capital technology company. Our purpose is to radically transform the life of every professional on the globe by giving them the tools to find their purpose, challenge themselves, and to achieve their most cherished dreams. We do this through 3 product/service offerings that focus on personal, professional and business development.


Deckstr ME

Deckstr ME is our personal development membership, focused on wellness & personal growth. It is designed for people who are seeking better health, new skills, and engaging life experiences. It integrates varied wellness and fitness programs into a single point, enabling custom-fitted virtual and physical services.

Deckstr PRO

Deckstr PRO is our professional development membership, focusing on career mobility & economic empowerment. It is designed for members who need a stronger professional network, career-building support, a mentor, a new professional skill set, or to become more competitive in their industry.

Deckstr BIZ

Deckstr BIZ is our business development membership, focusing on gaining market share & profitability. It is designed for founders, middle-to upper-level managers and professional service firms, who need support with acquiring funding, recruiting employees, generating revenue and increasing profit.


The Problem

Professionals are lacking the personal development & wellness resources needed to grow as individuals which costs U.S. companies $150 billion annually in lost productivity & hampers individual career growth.

Companies without wellness programs are less engaged, yielding 22% less profit & 35% lower retention, while individuals without wellness resources report being 23% more stressed, with 50% more depressive symptoms.


We give professionals the tangible and intangible tools that they need to achieve to their highest potential and their dearest dreams by developing healthy personal habits that translate into excellent professional skills.

— Sadé Shakur, Founder & CEO


The Solution

Deckstr ME offers a holistic wellness program that includes access to coaches across all 8 dimensions of personal wellness, including physical, social, environmental, financial, intellectual, emotional, occupational & spiritual wellness.

Using predictive analytics, Deckstr develops a custom health program tailored to the wellness needs of each individual, saving both time and money all while helping professionals to achieve their personal goals!